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So last night I had CQ (which is basically a 24 hour guard shift). Typically at night we watch movies or play games on our laptops to pass the time. Its not always allowed, but we do it anyway as its a great way to stay awake.

I decided that I was going to pick-up a cheap game to play, and I saw Damnation in the store for $20. I'm not too familiar with Steampunk, but I keep seeing references to it everywhere lately, so I decided to give this game a shot. I don't know if this game is TRUE steampunk, however, but it seems like a good candidate.

Aside from the somewhat muddled story and the mediocre voice acting, I thought the game was a pretty decent platformer. To my surprise I jumped online to see that the game had consistently horrible review. We're talking down in 3s.

3s? Seriously people? The biggest thing that could possibly propel a game that low are:

a) major glitches
b) horrible, horrible controls
c) insufferably cad camera control

Damnation suffers from none of these. Damnation actually has my favorite style of 3rd person control: instead of forcing chase camera at all times, you can swivel the camera in any direction and your character will run in that direction. Its perfect for a platformer.

The game is pretty easy to control too. Basically you have three buttons you use to traverse the game: your standard run button; jump and of course the interact / alternate movement button. Shooting requires you to hold down a button and then clicking another button for zooming in. You would think this would be a little cumbersome but it actually doesn't take very long to get used. In fact by the second level I was traversing the obstacles with ease.

I just don't see how this game deserves a 3. If you were to release this game ten years ago with graphics comparable to the time, it would have probably gotten a 7. I think this game deserves at least that score.

IMHO anything above an 8 is a great game. 9-10 are legendary games that your reminisce about for years to come. 7 is a good game - nothing earth shattering but entertaining nonetheless with no MAJOR issues.

This is just another classic example at how the expectations of media and gamers alike have ballooned to epic proportions. You just can't trust media outlets anymore as reliable sources for game reviews. :(

Damnation (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Third-Person 3D Shooter
Release Date: 26/MAY/09
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